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IT Consultancy

With over 20 years' experience running Anglia Ruskin University's computer service I have had to deal with a very wide range of problems and issues relating to IT and can draw upon the wealth of experience I have gained to provide support and assistance to you either through consultancy or interim management. My experience includes project management, business case development, change management, organisational structure, information management, learning development and design, and video-conferencing.

The image above is taken from a BBC News 24 interview I gave on Flood mitigation in November 2005.


Working with your staff and students, I can bring experience and creativity to your e:learning materials and help to turn them into something with which learners can engage and to help teachers to stimulate their students within an on-line context. The image on the right shows me taking part in a Learning Designs workshop with academics and students from the University of Hertfordshire, at Cambridge University, as part of the JISC-funded 'Sharing the Load' project.

Link to MAXOS Download  Click on the icon on the left to download MAXOS.
Link to Critical Serendpitiy module  Click on the icon on the left to see my 'Critical Serendipity' Learning Object.

LOAD Workshop
The image above was taken at the Cambridge University LOAD workshop on November 15th 2006.

Isfahan        به اصفهان خوش آمديد

This award-winning website is widely cited and used as an authoritative source on Persian Architecture, Culture and History. If you would like more information about Iran, assistance with translation to or from Persian including the conversion of powerpoint slides, I may well be able to help you. The web-site encapsulates many of my ideas about multi-layered learning design and is used internationally at a range of curriculum levels. If you have a similar, major web-based learning project which you would like managed or implemented, then I am well placed to assist you.
Welcome to Isfahan
The main square in Isfahan showing the 'droshkys' in the foreground and the Royal Mosque in the background.